Frequently Asked Questions:

This is the FAQ section which will give you the answers to most of your queries. Please read this FAQ section carefully.


AMAXANG GAMES is the gaming company founded by me,Anamik Majumdar, An Indian Indie game developer, in the year of 2011. This is the website from which you can download and purchase new full version games easily. You can find all kinds of games including shooter, platform, first person shooter(FPS), action, adventure and others(which I create). It is a small gaming company having unlimited stocks for the people all over the world.

2. Why is it named "THE CREATIVITY"?

Creativity refers to the creation of new games of new quality, imaginations, and new graphics. I,Anamik Majumdar, is responsible for the appearance of new ideas and application. I am trying to show and scattering my creativity gradually to the whole world. The products and services are the result of my hard work and thorough study of programming. It was formerly AMAXANG-GAMES The Home of PC Games.

3. What are the currencies do you accept?

All currencies except a few are supported which means anyone can purchase games easily no matter where they are or from where they are browsing the site. The currencies are automatically adjusted with your location. Here is a list of supported currencies:ACTIVATED!
    U.S. Dollar
    British Pound
    Australian Dollar
    Canadian Dollar
    Chinese Yuan
    Japanese Yen
    Swiss Franc
    Danish Krone
    Hong Kong Dollar
    New Zealand Dollar
    Polish Zloty
    Singapore Dollar
    Swedish Krona
    Indian Rupee
    South African Rand
    Brazilian Real
    Russian Ruble
    Czech Koruna

4. How can I download games which I have purchased?

While purchasing or buying any game online, you have to enter your Paypal email if you purchase via Fastspring and it applies to store purchases as well. If you use the Fast Spring payment option, you can pay with your credit/debit cards, wire transfer and Paypal.After the completion of your payment, a mail with the download link will be sent to your email inbox to the email address automatically which you have provided while purchasing the product. You have to download that product or file and these files are distributed electronically.

5. How can I redeem Steam key which I purchased either on Itchio, Indiegamestand, or Fastspring?

You can redeem Steam key on purchase pages.
If you purchased the game on Itchio, read this instruction: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought

If you bought the game on Indiegamestand, you can find the Steam key on your IndieGameStand Wallet.
If you bought the game via Fastspring(Direct purchase), you can redeem it directly from your email or from your purchase page.
6. Why did not I receive download link which I have purchased? 

If you have not received the download link, then, contact me with the same email address used for purchasing the game. An email with the download link will be sent to your provided email address after the game purchase. If you have not received download link, you should contact me via Email through the contact form. Then, I will send you the download link. However, the amount paid is non-refundable. For details, please refer REFUND POLICY in TOS section.

7. How can I buy a game online from this website?

For a detailed overview of how the payment system and buying process work. Please refer this simple help page:

8. Should I need a Paypal Account in order to buy a game?

No PayPal account is not necessary but if you have a PayPal account you can purchase games using your same account. Make sure you have balance in your PayPal account. You can also use debit or credit cards to make purchases. You can download the product after successful payments.

9. Do you use any other payment method other than PayPal?

Yes. Credit Cards/Debit Cards of all types are accepted.

10. My game is not running, what should I do now?

All games require different configuration in order to work on a machine(laptop or computer). This problem may cause due to inefficiency of a machine to run the game or you have incompatible video graphics card. You need NVIDIA Ge Force, or AMD ATI Radeon HD, or Intel HD graphics card in order to play these games. This problem can be resolved by installing DirectX 9.0c or later. If it still not works, then, contact me using support forum or send your computer specs details to me via email. You can download DirectX 9.0c from my website. You can find it in software section. Another thing, you should know what and which games your computer can run. If you have the computer of lower configuration, it is possible that the game is incompatible with your computer. Special game requirements have been provided with each and every game in my website. You must read them and purchase them if you know that you have the required specification for playing the game.

11. Can I have more than one account in AMAXANG GAMES support forum?

Support Forum coming soon with a new design.

12. How can I contact you online?

If you have any queries, problems, then, contact me online using Support forum or via email. See Contact section for contact information.

13. Can I purchase from game stores, if so, how?

You can purchase games from my website through FastSpring. If you prefer to purchase through the trusted online stores, you can purchase the games. The games are available on itch.io. You can purchase from there also. A link to those stores will be provided from now on.

14. What do you mean by PAY WHAT YOU WANT sale?

From now on, I will do some Pay What You Want sale both on Steam and DRM-Free titles.

15. How do you run this website?

I solely depends upon the sales from the games I make and distribute. As a developer, I need some financial support without which I can't make games. As long as the sales are live, this website will live. If you want me to improve the website and make more games in future, you can support me by buying Premium games. I have no ad support on this website for the customer's convenience. I know ads are annoying and often distract visitors.

16. What do you mean by Game Bundles?

Game Bundles are arranged as "Special Deals" on Itchio. All bundles arranged by Amaxang Games can be purchased directly through Itchio payment system. All the bundle sale announcement will be made under "Special Deals" or in Amaxang Games support forum.