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World's Crisis - The World In Danger

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Game Overview:
World's Crisis is an FPS (First Person Shooter) indie game created by Anamik Majumdar, the indie game developer. This is one of the most high quality indie game ever created in Amaxang Games. World's Crisis is a unique game where the player have to kill many enemies including some zombies and special robots. There are also some soldiers who will try to stop you. The mission of the player is to discover some secret areas, finding weapons, keys for the locked doors, rescuing the hostage if possible and also have to make a way to the next level. The player is taking a role of soldier and there will be some officers who will provide information from time to time.

Key Features:
  • Destroy all the enemies!
  • Find out weapons and use them whenever necessary.
  • A wide range of guns and ammo to use the full potential during the battle!
  • Realistic Graphics and Extreme Blood Shed!
  • Using Portals to go to a different place!
  • Many enemies including Zombies, Robots, Skeletons, and Soldiers!
  • Challenging Gameplay!
  • High Health Content and 5 Lives Only!  


Game Details:
Size: 143MB
Type: First Person Shooter (FPS)
Ratings: 95 out of 100
Release Date: 29th July, 2015
Compatibility: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1 or Higher
Progress: Complete!

System Requirements:
512MB of Graphics memory
NVIDIA Graphics Card or AMD Graphics Card 
2 GB RAM [Recommended] or Higher
Compatible Sound Card
Direct X 9.0 or higher
Keyboard and Mouse

Note: DirectX has been provided with the file.  

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