Contact Me:
There are many ways by which you can contact me. If you already have a problem, please don't hesitate to contact me through the following methods:

Email Support
This is obviously the best way of contacting me. Send me the details of the problem which you might be facing. If you are having problems in purchasing the games feel free to contact me. Don't worry, I am a human being, not a robot. Please don't send me any partnership or sponsorship email or request of working with your studio(if any). This kind of emails will be ignored and eventually be deleted.

NOTE for Youtuber: If you are a Youtuber and wants to review any of my Steam games, you can ask for a Steam key but please contact me with the email stated in your Youtube channel. I will send you the key via Youtube Private Messaging system. Any fake requests will be marked as spam and will be deleted.

If you have any problem or Review request, fill up the form given below-


Live Chat Support
You can use this support system only if the administrator or developer is available online. This is a quick contact process. For serious problems or concerns use Email support only. You can also leave an offline message too.