About Me
I am Anamik Majumdar, a 21 years old Indie Game Developer of India. I love to do a lot of artwork, design and programming. I alone work on game projects and create games since I can create graphics, backgrounds myself. However, my parents have supported me to open up this site for all the gamer and I am very much thankful to them.

My Indie Gaming Workspace is located in Calcutta, India. I am trying to create something new for you and I am continuously trying to improve my skills.

I have created small commercial indie PC titles which are stated below. I usually publish my games on Steam platform. Here are some games which I have worked on for years and they are serious game projects ever created by me.

1. Fear Half Factor(Steam) - Fear Half Factor is an upcoming 2D Casual runner game in which you play the role of a villain and your mission is to convert the innocent human beings into ghosts.

2. Keatz - The Lonely Bird(Steam)- Keatz is an upcoming platform action game having a title "The Lonely Bird" which presents the story of a lonely bird who have been abandoned by the society. This is my second PC game to be published on Steam.

3. NightmareZ(Steam) - NightmareZ is my first major game project and it is based on action/platform genre for PC Windows platform only. This game has got over 45K players at present and hope to grow more in the future.
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anamik-majumdar-8422a110b
Game Developer:
Game Developer, Designer, Web Developer, and Distributor"