Keatz The Lonely Bird - Indie PC Game


Keatz : The Lonely Bird is a 2D side-scrolling platform action game based on the story of a lonely bird called Keatz who have been abandoned by the society because of his inability to fly like other birds can. Not only that, the Government of the bird country "Heavens" decided to eliminate all the flightless birds residing there. Keatz, alone, have decided to start a journey against the corruptions and social evils and also against the dumb decisions made by the Heavens Government. He wanted to make a room for himself when everything was falling apart. One day, he came across another flightless bird who soon became his friend and a part of his life. His life changed for a few moments but did not last long, unfortunately.  

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  • Story Driven.
  • There are two possible endings depending upon the choices taken.

  • Challenging situations, various kinds of traps and enemies.
  • 20 Single-Player levels to play.

  • Two worlds like "Real World" and "Dream World" which are interconnected.

  • A weapon with 3 Firing modes including Primary firing mode, Rocket Launcher mode and Laser mode.

  • Spinner blade, explosives and time bombs to use for killing multiple enemies at once.

  • 4 Challenging Boss Battles!
  • Enemies have different kinds of deadly weapons, and they also drop better loots.

  • Collecting Special Items including Golden Leaf, Time machine and more.

  • 6 lives to start and collect precious items including gems, money and other equipment.

  OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Dual Core 1GHz or higher
Memory: 2GB RAM or higher
Graphics: 128 MB of Video Memory, Capable of Shader Model 2.0+
DirectX 9.0c or higher
Hard Disk: At least 150MB of Hard Disk Space
Sound: Any Compatible Sound Card 


"The general feeling is good and the background music is really enjoyable. On the other hand stands the weird story and the few imperfections present, but those don’t stand in the way of the several hours of solid gameplay you can get out of this game. There is a lot of competition in the 2D platformer genre and this one is not one of the easiest, but the ones trained in the genre might find this odd duck a refreshing experience." 
- 7.5/10 (3rd-strike

"It’s clear that the developer has put genuine effort into this, and that’s better than most these days, the amount it tries to tackle at once is clear evidence. It comes down to a lack of experience, the game ultimately feels like a practice attempt, there’s some good ideas floating around in here...
- No Score Specified (unproductive sod

"A good little platform game. Some problems does not prevent to make the game cute, all accompanied by pleasant music.
- 3.5/5 (xeno-gaming)

"Keatz: The Lonely Bird it's a fun Indie game that you can play when you are bored. Read the full review in the link down bellow! I rate this game 8/10 "Good Game"
- 8/10 (Odar Army

"Keatz: The Lonely Bird is a simple platformer that fails for one major reason: smooth controls. While that's what hinders Keatz the most, there are still plenty of smaller issues that riddle the young indie title.
- 2/5 (Dpadjoy)

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