While using the part and parts of my website services, you are hereby earnestly requested to read all the points of Terms And Conditions of my website services in order to avoid any misunderstanding between you and me in the future. By downloading anything including game files, software, wallpapers, screenshots, goodies, demos and any piece of information from my website you are bound to abide by some Terms and Conditions.

1. You have the right to download and purchase games directly from my website but you have no right to change or modify any part or parts of the game files you are going to purchase or have purchased.

2. If you are having problems, you can contact me by using the multiple contact methods. But read FAQ section before starting out with the two remaining contact methods.

3. There might be offer running on my site. Each offer has its own duration which ends at a specific date mentioned along with the offer. If you somehow fail to grab the offer, I can't help you with this. Since this rule is same for all.

4. There are no hidden fees or extra tax behind any product which I sell(Except some countries). You purchase the game at the same price written on my website or stated in the order page. However, VAT is added automatically at the time of purchase if applicable.

5. Chat system has been introduced. If you have any query you can ask through that chat box. However, for serious problems, use email support only.

6. The payment processing system which has been introduced in my website is completely secured with SSL(Secure Socket Layer). This payment process is handled by Fastspring, BMT Micro, Itch and Paypal. I recommend you to use Paypal as your payment processing gateway while purchasing games from my website. However, this is not mandatory because credit/debit card payments are also accepted!

7. My website services and products are provided to you AS IS with no warranty of any kind. Neither me nor my moderators shall be liable for any damage caused to user directly or indirectly by any means or by the usage of my services and products. You assure me that you use my services and products at your own risk.

8. After the completion of payment processing and game downloads, no refund will be made at sole discretion as the amount paid while purchasing is non-refundable except in some cases. Please take a look at the NEW refund policy below. 

9. All the products are distributed electronically. You can purchase, download and start playing your games in less than 5 minutes(depending upon your internet connection speed).

10. You can receive the latest news regarding the services from the news section and from the community forum at any time. You can check back my website often for updates. You can also subscribe to the email news letter for updates to be sent directly to your inbox.

11. I have the right to change or modify any part or parts of my forum and website at any time without any notice to you. It is your responsibility to read TOS section periodically. Any changes made to this TOS section will come to effect at that instant.

12. I have no adult contents in my site. I am 100 miles away from those contents. This is a site open to the people of all ages and for the platforms of PCs and Laptops. It is a pure gaming site where the people comes to download, play and buy their favorite games.

SERVICE INFORMATION - AMAXANG GAMES - THE CREATIVITY is the modified and final version of AMAXANG GAMES service which was previously known as AMAXANG GAMES - THE HOME OF PC GAMES. I am now creating games for PCs(Computers and Laptops). I have devoted myself to the game creation for everyone and I am making it larger and larger.

REGULAR SERVER CHECK UP - The servers of Amaxang Games are now maintained by Google by their top notch technicians. So, you don't have to worry about the website downtime at all. Less than 1% of downtime can be experienced

ANTIVIRUS PROTECTION - My prime mission is to protect the game files from virus attacks. The files are completely virus free. My gaming service is free from all sorts of viruses, malwares, and spyware. I have a powerful and effective protection for users who are using the services and products.


Please review this section, the payment processing system has been added and tested for several times. It is now actively working as it should.

PAYMENT GATEWAY I USE - The trusted and the only payment gateway I use for payment processing is Paypal. Most of the users use Paypal for paying money online. I also use an unique and safe service for transferring game files to users immediately after the successful payment. This is an automatic process. Credit Card and Debit Card payments are now accepted through Fast Spring and BMT Micro services. Having a PayPal account is not mandatory but mandatory for games priced $1 or $2.

TIME REQUIRED TO GET THE GAME FILES AFTER PAYMENT - As per the payment system, you will be able to download immediately after the successful payment. You will never have to wait hours for getting the game. You will be able to start playing the games within 5 minutes from the time of game purchase.


This section has been introduced in order to serve the customers better than before. Refunds might be made only if the game was purchased either through BMTMicro payment system or through Steam. Obviously, refund policy is based on the following conditions given below:

1. If you bought the game on BMTMicro, no refunds will be made at sole discretion. Hence, refund policy is not applicable for direct purchases via BMTMicro. However, you might get a Steam key for free along with the direct purchases(DRM-Free version of the game). When you get such benefit, you will not be refunded.  

2. If you buy the games on Steam, the refund policy will be based on Steam's refund policy. If you played the game for 2 hours and did not like the game, you can ask for a refund and Steam will refund your money. But if you abuse this system Steam might stop giving you refunds. 

3. Refund policy is not applicable for Itchio store. So, no refund will be made if purchased on Itchio store.    

SERVER I USE FOR STORING COMMERCIAL GAMES - Commercial indie games are now distributed either through Amaxang Games store via Fastspring and BMT Micro or through the digital distribution stores like Steam, Itchio, Indiegamestand, and others. 

PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS - If you face any problem, you can contact me through my online contact form. Use the 2 contact methods to contact me if you face any problem while downloading and purchasing a game.  Click here to contact me!