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Are you ready to kill the Demons and to die for about million times? This game is really Hard and challenging. You will die over and over again! NightmareZ is a side-scrolling platform action retro game with increasingly difficult levels! Download NightmareZ now and play as "The Super HERO!"

When you buy the Standalone version of NightmareZ direct on itchio, you will receive a Steam key.
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NightmareZ is a pretty good time waster. I would get frustrated with the deaths, but would be determined to continue on. It was a good frustration and I found myself laughing at myself when I kept dying to those scythes. 

It is such a good game. 
By Morph Shuffle

"A little action-platformer that shows a great deal of promise, its fast, frantic and all round pretty damn fun!"
By Smash GaminG!!!

"NightmareZ is a platformer which is rough around the edges.  Progressing through the stages themselves, with the player character’s majestic, if clumsy, movement is a blast."
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