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25th May, 2023:
 It seems that the players are buying our games even at higher price tag. We are speechless to receive overwhelming support from the Steam customers from all over the world! We will soon announce a new SHMUP game currently under development. Obviously, it will cost around $4.99 and will be available with a discount which is yet to be finalized!
Our 1 Game a Month challenge has begun! We will launch higher quality little games within a short period of time and we are super pumped! 
 Thank you for your understanding!
Best Regards,

21st May, 2023:
 Our new games release plan for this financial year is ready. We are accepting "making 1 game a month" challenge. The titles will include Shoot'em up, 2D survival horror(our top selling games so far) with limited production budget and 2D Anime themed action adventure games with higher production budget. We are focusing only on these genres as we have a proven track record of making great games in the past in this segment.
We are really excited to see how it turns out and how players would react to it.
 Thank you for your understanding!
Best Regards,
20th May, 2023:
We have decided that we will launch each of our new title, except for titles with higher production budget, at $1.99 - $3.99 for a certain period of time to see how customers are reacting to it. It will help generate more feedback which directly helps to improve it. It is basically like a test launch which will continue from 6 months to a year until most of the bugs are fixed, or features introduced. When the final version is out we will probably raise the price tag of such titles.
Games with higher production budget which are also currently in development will cost $4.99 to $9.99 at launch and might be increased based on the features included later.

Our aim here is to reach every segments of the Steam customers, generate sales, more feedback for making our products better. It will also help fund our future games production. 

For older games, the price tag will remain the same as they have already passed the feedback phase and they are more likely to get a few updates. However, we are now working on a new discount strategy to reach more Steam customers for improving our sales, revenue and at the same time, providing better deal to the players. Thank you for your understanding!

Best Regards,
5th May, 2023:
We have finished raising the price tag of most of our indie games. Our games will now have the price tag of $1.99 - $4.99 for horror games, $3.99 - $7.99 for SHMUP type shooter games and $4.99 - $14.99 for action platformer/anime/story driven games. We have raised the quality of games and their production budget. We will launch as many high quality games as possible every year. 

It seems our games are really worth more than we had originally thought. We have received overwhelming support from our Steam Customers and they are awesome! Thank you for supporting us and we will release more high quality titles in the future. Thank you for your understanding! 

Best Regards,
8th October, 2022: We are going to raise the prices of upcoming Steam releases due to the increase in quality standard, increase in inflation and keep up with the cost of operating our company, Amaxang Games. However, the price of our previous releases will be unaltered. However, we will keep discounting games for you to give all of you a chance to try out the games. Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards,
26th March, 2020:
Amaxang Games services will continue even during COVID-19 pandemic as it has not affected the development of games much. I, the developer, will be working from my home office as usual and will bring many great games this year too. However, our distribution partners are trying to provide uninterrupted services and hopefully, it won't be affected much. You are requested to stay at home and be safe.

Best Regards,
10th January, 2020:
I wish everyone of you a very Happy New Year 2020! This year, I am going to release more and more games and I am really excited about it. I will work with various publishers to get my games in the hands of a wider audience. I am going to introduce Limited Bundles section from which you will be able to buy Game bundles where my games are featured outside of Steam and Amaxang Games website. I hope you will enjoy the games this year too!

Best Regards,
18th December, 2019:
One of our Christmas themed titles will be participating in a bigger Christmas sale event! Our video games production has been resumed again and we will release more titles on Steam soon! The issues has finally been resolved and we will continue to participate in various sale events throughout the year again. Thanks for being patient!

Best Regards,

12th December, 2019:
The December Weeeklong Deal on Steam has been pretty awesome but due to some issues at one of our marketing partner's end, some of my titles are currently on hold from participating in some of the biggest promotional opportunities of the year except for Steam. Until these issues are resolved we will keep all of our upcoming project releases on hold. We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused! Thank you very much for being a part of our community! As soon as the issues are resolved we will continue publishing more games on Steam and participate in bigger promotional events, working with our awesome partners hand in hand.

Best Regards,

13th August, 2018:
After releasing Captain The Runner game on Steam, I have decided to have an indie standard QA session for all of my future games before they are released on Steam. Captain The Runner has been received poorly because of the graphics quality and simplicity of gameplay and I have targeted wrong audience. Steam audience is pretty hardcore and I have a doubt that simple game would do well on Steam. 
Finally, I have decided to work on quality platform action games and make it look as good as possible. Some of my great looking upcoming projects like Smash Halloween Pumpkins, Christmas Gifts are coming soon on Steam! I will make sure to make games of better quality which can possibly be created by a solo developer.11th February, 2018:
I had done a complete overhaul of an old game project called Fear Half Factor and modified graphics, gameplay, overall look and feel, and provided full controller support. I am going to release it on Steam for as low as $0.99. Yes, I am going to release it on Steam and the quality has been improved a lot and I hope you will enjoy it. The release date will soon be announced to the public. Thank you!

18th July, 2017:
I had an interview session with an Editor of DPadJoy journal and I am really glad to discuss about the latest trends of game industry and more. You can read the full interview here: 
21st March, 2017:
Amaxang Games forum is down for about two days as there is a technical issue in the hosting site. It will soon get resolved by them but if does not get fixed for any reason, I will shift my forum to a new server. Thanks to your patience!
Stay Tuned!    

13th February, 2017:
Since, Steam is changing its publishing process, I have decided to change some aspects of Amaxang Games website and set a new marketing strategy for my upcoming products. This new strategy is called "Amaxang Games Early Access". This is as same as those on Steam but the game at Early access means the game is not totally done and the new features will be added periodically. The players can expect a new build per week or once per two weeks. 
Read in our support forum for more information. Link:

6th December, 2016:
I am currently working on a new indie game and I don't want to expose the name of it before I prepare myself for the in-depth presentation of the upcoming game. This game is expected to be released on Steam in 2017. All the information regarding the game will be exposed shortly. It would be an action platform 2D game with unique mechanics and storyline. Thanks to your patience!

24th September, 2016:
I am currently working on my website to include as many new features as possible. Amaxang Games website is currently at Beta Stage and I will continue to improve this website. I have decided to add a Support Forum to this website to increase the interactivity between the customers and myself. They will be able to talk about the games, providing solutions, tutorials and many other things in the support forum. If anyone is having any issue with their game, they would be able to post about their problems in that forum and I will try to solve the problems or fixing bugs etc.

I have decided to process all payments through Itchio(As Recommended System!) game page. Itchio pages can be easily customized and I think it's the best way for now. I will add Fastspring as payment method after two or three years.

Stay Tuned!
22nd September, 2016:
This is to notify everyone that Amaxang Games is not a company but a team name. As I was not willing to give the domain name as anamikmajumdar so I have taken the name AmaxangGames as the team name while conducting business in my own legal name

It's at least legal in my country, India, as long as I have all of my legal tax information and government identities. So, if and when you contact me or to say hello, please use the name as "Hi Anamik" or you can also refer me as "Amaxang Games" too. I hope that I am clear to all of you. If you have queries feel free to ask me through my email support. Thanks!

17th September, 2016:
Amaxang Games is currently at Beta stage that means some new features will be added to this website until the final change arrives. However, all the orders and purchases have been activated. Now all the purchases will occur through Amaxang Games store with an e-commerce service called Fastspring. From now on you will receive Steam key with the purchase if you buy games which are also available on Steam store. 

As a side-note: I have decided to start the forum fresh. So, new changes will be made to the forum so that any users can be active on that forum and can also ask questions there. A new section called Forum will be added to this website soon. Thank you!

26th August, 2016:
Amaxang Games website will cease to exist only by its design! Yes, I am currently working on a new design for this website and the website domain name will remain the same but the whole design will be changed!

NOTE: Many changes will be made to this website and it will arrive as a new big thing!

Changes coming soon! Stay tuned guys!

28th August, 2016:
I am currently setting up the Payment system on my website. Not all store links will be added to the game order page. So, in order to make a better and convenient purchasing system for customers, I will accept payments through Fastspring. I will introduce a system such that every customer who buy the game via Fastspring will get a Steam key instantly in order to reduce hassle for the developer. 
There will be four purchase options:
1. Fastspring(My own payment system)[Recommended]
2. most indie friendly site)
3. Steam(The World's largest PC Gaming Platform)
4. Humble Bundle Widget(Not yet available)

There will be a *Includes a Steam key* sign. If that's not available, you won't get a Steam key for the option you choose. Happy Gaming!    

27th August. 2016: 
Today, I have updated the game page with latest screenshots and official trailer of NightmareZ. Only 1 week 5 days to go for the release. Just keep an eye on the countdown timer on the game page. The full version will come to live as soon as the game is released on Steam. Thank you!

21st August, 2016:
Here is a good news for all of you who have been eagerly waiting for the full release of NightmareZ. NightmareZ Final Version will be released on Steam and on Amaxang Games on 8th September, 2016. I hope you will like my game and if you do please feel free to post a review on NightmareZ page after the game gets live. Thanks to your patience!
Take a look at NightmareZ store page here:  

2nd July, 2016:
I am currently adding Steam Achievements and Steam trading cards which are planned for future release of NightmareZ. Meanwhile, I am preparing for starting the email marketing for increasing the user base of my website. Users who have subscribed to my website's newsletter will receive news via email from this month. I am setting this system up and will soon be available! You can subscribe to my newsletter for receiving latest news and updates. 

29th July,2016:
I was thinking too much yesterday and a question came to my mind that "Why should I try to make games of other genres when I can make good looking platform action games?" Yeah, I have been making games for a long time but I have now decided to make only platformer games and 3D horror games sometime. I know that the more I practice, the more I get better at making a game of a specific genre. I love making platform action games and I have strictly decided to stick to it. I will make more platformer games and it will help me get better at it with time. Don't think that I am planning to quit making games. I can't because NightmareZ was successfully got greenlit on Steam. There are many things which I am learning everyday and that's what is necessary for getting better at what I can do
I can now imagine how my next game will be. A good pixel art retro graphics will attract many people at the same time and only if the gameplay is fun! That's a challenge for a game developer and the hardest part of making games. Stay tuned for updates! Just subscribe to the mailing list and I will be sure to send you the news regarding a new development or release. 

28th July,2016:
NightmareZ is now a featured game of Amaxang Games! From now on, I will arrange weekly deal through Itchio sales and bundle sales through this website! I am currently working on the final part of the game and will soon release on Steam. There will be two versions like DRM-Free which will be distributed through Itchio and Amaxang Games and DRM Version for Steam(Steam Version). 

27th July, 2016:
NighmareZ has finally got Greenlit by the Steam Community! I will soon prepare for the final release of the game both DRM-Free and Steam version and the Final release date is expected to be October, 2016! Thanks for your support! 

23rd July, 2016:
Dan in Dark has been released as a surprise game of Amaxang Games! More surprise games will be available this year but those will be having a price tag of $1 or $2 or Free! These games are not suited to Steam professional store either, so it will be some of my personal projects which the people can enjoy at cheaper prices!
NightmareZ is near to get greenlit on Steam. What we have to do is to wait a little longer. 

19th July, 2016:
A new game will soon be released on Amaxang Games and Itchio store. I will not disclose about the game publicly since it's a surprise and my small side project. The customers who have already bought my games or subscribed to the newsletter will get notified beforehand. Thanks to your patience! 

10th July, 2016:
I will release personal projects alongside main projects every year. This is a small technique which I have undertaken for the gamers who might be interested, rather excited for new games. Every year, there will be a major game project released on Steam. However, I will be working on some small projects alongside main project to keep the flow of products. I have decided to release at least 2 games each year so that there are variation in products in my website and I will be in practice. You know, "Practice makes perfect". Not all the games are suitable for professional storefront and that's why the secret project will only be revealed after it is released on my website and/or Itchio and the people who have subscribed to the newsletter of this website will receive news about the release date a week before the release and kindly, don't expose this anywhere including in Forum until the game is released

So, what can you expect this month?
Well, that's a secret and if you wish to know which game is coming soon, you have to subscribe to my newsletter feed. 

Will there be any 2D or 3D Game?
Haha, yeah. I will release either a 2D or 3D game.

I can't wait for the release and I want to know more. - What should I do?
Simple, just subscribe to my newsletter feed given at the right sidebar. 

Will the games be free?
May be not. If not, the price of each game will never exceed $5. I think most of my side projects cost $2.50. It's a price point which is great for side projects, I think. 

26th June, 2016: 
The pricing for games can not be same for all the stores and fort this website. If a game has a specific price on Amaxang Games available for purchase via FastSpring and BMT Micro, the same can have different price tags in different stores like Itchio, Indiegamestand and Steam stores. The sale will also be different. If there is a sale in Itchio, there might not be any discount for direct purchase. However, the price of the game will be written for the different stores from now on. More features will be added soon! 
UPDATE: NightmareZ V1.3 is now live on Itchio store! It was earlier than what I had expected!   

25th June, 2016:
It's summer time! So, from 2016, I will put up Summer Sale, Autumn sale, Halloween sale, and Winter Sale on Amaxang Games website. Summer sale will start from 26th June, 2016 having huge discounts in each and every title. NightmareZ is now on Steam Greenlight but the DRM-Free version can easily be purchased from Amaxang Games and Itchio, Indiegamestand stores. The orders will reopen from 26th June with the new updated version of NightmareZ(V1.3). This would be the major change with the addition of three new levels. You can follow the development blog for NightmareZ. Some features will be included in my website soon. So, stay tuned guys!

15th June, 2016:
Due to constant spamming on my website in comments section, the comment boxes have been removed in order to stop spammers from abusing the system. I am very sorry for the inconvenience but if you ever need to provide feedback regarding games, you will now be directed to the forum discussion page where every game will be having its own specific forum discussion thread. Thanks to your patience! 

13th June,2016:
NightmareZ has now been accepted and approved on Indiegamestand store! Hence, I have got my game to another indie store to distribute worldwide. Meanwhile, NightmareZ proceeds gradually to be greenlit. I hope it will be greenlit within next few months. Thanks to your support! 

6th June, 2016:
A new section called "Live Sales!" has been added to my website to make it easier for the customers to view the current sales running in my website. This hopefully will help most of the gamers who were waiting for the sales and you can grab them not only from Amaxang Games website but also from various other websites and bundle sale sites! More features will be added to Amaxang Games website. So, stay tuned!

3rd June, 2016:
NightmareZ game is now available in a bundle sale bundled by along with 7 other games already on Steam Greenlight! Please take a look at the bundle sale called "DIG Greenlight Bundle 8" here: 

2nd June, 2016:
NightmareZ is currently available on Steam Greenlight for voting. You can vote for NightmareZ here: 

27th May,2016:
NightmareZ will be available on Steam Greenlight for voting on 29th May,2016 and the time has been changed. Thanks to your patience. You can follow the time in the home page to see the exact time of the beginning of the Greenlight Campaign. 

26th May, 2016:
Since, this is the first time one of my game is being added to Steam Greenlight, I have decided to modify the parts in my website. One of the major issue has been solved today. When someone typed instead of, they used to get an error message which was really frustrating. So, I had worked on it and the issue has been solved successfully. Now, even if you type without www in front, the domain will be redirected to
Today, I have modified NightmareZ game page with a new design especially for the Greenlight. There is a possibility that the website gets exposed to thousands of people all over the world. However, no one can purchase the game unless the final version comes out. Thanks to your patience! 

25th May, 2016:
All the orders for NightmareZ game has been closed today for security reasons. That means, no one can make a purchase attempt for NightmareZ. The orders will reopen again when the game gets on Steam and a final version is released on this website as standalone version. Thanks to your patience. From now on, all the files including demos and presskit will be stored in, a new website called Download portal service for Amaxang Games. At the same time, the download server has been upgraded for high speed downloads. 

21st May, 2016:
All the orders for NightmareZ game will be blocked on or within 30th May, 2016. So, you can still order this game till 29th May, 2016. Since, Greenlight Campaign will start from 1st June this decision have been taken  and also for the security reasons. You will neither be able to buy it on Fastspring nor on Itch. The links will reopen when the final game is released and the game gets on Greenlit.  

18th May, 2016:
Here is a good and exciting news for all of you who have been waiting for NightmareZ game. NightmareZ will be on Steam Greenlight on 1st June, 2016. You heard it right! Thanks for your patience. News section will be updated on the day the campaign starts. Meanwhile, I will make some changes to my website and all the orders for NightmareZ will be blocked during the Greenlight campaign for the security reasons.  

15th May, 2016:
Today, I have updated my website with a new added feature called Event timer. This is a special timer which will be used for special events like the game releases and Greenlight or Crowdfunding campaign. The game information page will be available before the release of the games. However, the 'buy now' option will be available based on the timer set by the developer before hand. In this way, it will be easier for me to arrange the event properly and it will boost the traffic probably.  

11th May, 2016:
Today is my special day. Do you know why? Because today is my birthday. That does not mean that today is holiday. I will work harder on my game, NightmareZ, today and obviously I will try to spend the rest of my time with my family and I would be busy at that moment. So, I will be available online for long today. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can chat with me online. NightmareZ is already available on Sale today through my website. Get it now here:

NightmareZ will soon be available on Steam Greenlight. I am actually preparing myself for that. 

30th April, 2016:
Today, I have introduced a NEW Refund policy for my dear Customers. :) The Refund policy will come to effect from 15th May, 2016 and some modification will still be made to the policy before 15th May. Refund policy has been introduced with an aim of serving my customers better. I would be happy if my customers are satisfied with the games I make. If you are not satisfied with the game, you will get your money back no matter what. It's my duty to keep my customers happy and that's why I have taken this decision to introduce this policy. But any abuse of this system will compel me to ban them from AMAXANG GAMES. NOTE: The Refund policy is only valid for direct purchases through Fastspring payment gateway. However, The refund policy if purchased from Steam will be based on their refund policy. There are no refunds made if purchased through Itchio store.  

20th April, 2016:
NightmareZ is still under development. The Steam Greenlight campaign will be live in June, 2016. The date has not been mentioned yet. I will mention it in the month of June(either in the first or second week). But before that happens, I will make a gameplay video along with a new NightmareZ game trailer especially for the Greenlight Campaign. Thanks to your patience! An update will be provided in this news section soon. So, stay tuned! 

10th April, 2016:
I am now preparing for the final release of NightmareZ, my major game project. This time, I have a plan of putting NightmareZ on Steam Greenlight! I have seen that NightmareZ has got some attention from some gamer even when this game was not published on big PC gaming platform. Now is the time to start bringing this valuable creation in front of millions of gamer worldwide and Steam is the only solution to this. I will soon start the Greenlight Campaign and I will post an update here and in my main website and blogs when I begin the Campaign. Thanks for your patience!   

1st April, 2016:
Today is April Fool day. However, I have no intention to make a fool out of you and okay, be serious. :) I have started pricing the games again which is published on my website. I will change the pricing of all the games except NightmareZ, and World's Crisis Reborn. The reason behind changing the prices is that I am going to expose my website to thousands of people from now. So, I need to fix every bugs and issues for customer's convenience. This might take a while. I will update the news section when the whole process is done. Thanks for your patience!